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Ship Chandelling at Mombasa Port

Ship chandelling is the business of supplying products and services to ships that visit a port. It is an important part of the maritime industry, as ships need to replenish their stores of food, cabin items, engine parts, paint, and other essentials.

Mombasa port is the busiest port in East Africa, and it attracts thousands of vessels every year. These include cargo ships, passenger ships, naval ships, tankers, and bulk carriers. Ship chandlers in Mombasa have the opportunity to service these diverse customers and meet their varying needs.

However, ship chandelling in Mombasa is not without its challenges. According to some stakeholders, the business has declined in recent years due to high prices of local products, competition from Durban port in South Africa, and piracy threats in the region. Ship chandlers have to cope with these factors and find ways to offer quality products and services at competitive prices.

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Ship chandelling at Mombasa port is a vital link between the ships and the local economy. It creates employment opportunities for many people and supports other sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and trade. It also contributes to the development of the port and the region as a whole.

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