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There is an increased risk of attempted fraud and other security threats via email. SLL has noticed an increase of fraudulent requests to change bank account details of suppliers/creditors, in an attempt to redirect payments to criminals and not to the intended recipient. We encourage everyone to be vigilant and learn to detect fraudulent email instructions – seemingly legitimate emails may contain fraudulent information, this is not just a cyber security matter.

As a result, SLL will treat any notice of bank account changes as suspicious. Urgent pressure to effect payment as soon as possible without verification of the changes will also be treated as suspicious.

Please note that SLL would not inform of changes to bank account details by email notice alone. In the unlikely event that we need to change a beneficiary name or our other bank account details, we would personally contact our supplier or customer in order to personally verify any change in details.

Similarly, we ask that all our customers, suppliers and creditors:
First, notify us in writing.
Personally verify any change in bank details or change in beneficiary in any payment advice to SLL.

In summary, notices of bank account changes will require voice confirmation from your SLL contact, either by telephone or face to face, before payment can be authorized so please make sure to notify any changes in good time.

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